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Jungle Adventure

  • Elephant Safari

    The elephant safari allows one to pass through those parts of the jungle where jeep or canter cannot take. Riding on elephant back with well experienced mahout observing the gorges and rivers, vast grassland and valleys leaves a lifetime enchantment. An elephant safari is held in the forest, where you can't visit through Gypsy Safari, Gypsy in the jungle have their particular tracks but Elephant makes his own way with cracking jungle and rivers to give satisfaction and thrilling Experience in dense Jungle. It's a good option to find out wildlife in the dunes jungle. Only 4 persons are allowed on an Elephant at a time.

  • Fishing Safari

    Fishing and angling at corbett is an adventurous sport. At present you can enjoy these two sports in various locations near by resort. Corbett is the famous and well known wildlife reserve which provide Fishing and Angling along with the variety of wildlife, In corbett area fishing are allowed at Pancheshwar, Ramgarh and Binsar with special permission from forest officials.

  • Jeep Safari

    The Jim Corbett National Park Jeep safari is the most comfortable way to tour the jungle. The actual feel of the forests and its inhabitants can be experienced when one opts for the Corbett National Park jeep safari. Getting a glimpse of the most ferocious animals like the tigers can be enchanting through jeep safaris. With the rare provision of being able to get close to wildlife, jeep safaris are the most common type of safari preferred by tourists visiting the Jim Corbett National park.

  • Rock Climbing

    Rock climbing is an activity in which participants climb up, down or across natural rock formations or artificial rock walls. The goal is to reach the summit of a formation or the endpoint of a usually pre-defined route without falling. Up is never easy. But you face the rock. You let every finger and all your toes help find the way. Feel every muscle quake and quiver in battle with gravity. Find faith in ropes, in teammates, in yourself. There's no time for distraction, no room for your mind to wander. It's you and a route. Let go of your resistance and climb a rock like a wild animal. Be a motivated person, Feel the lightness of yourself.

  • River Rappelling

    Rappelling is a specialized climbing technique that is used to descend from mountains and cliffs by making a controlled slide down a fixed rope. The climbing rope is anchored to a cliff with artificial anchors like cams, pitons, and bolts or natural anchors like trees and boulders. Usually the rope is either doubled with the midpoint at the anchors or tied to another climbing rope. Here we provide rappelling under guidance. The climber uses a rappel device which utilizes the friction of the rope through to minimize the climbing down as the slides down the fixed rope to a ledge or the cliff-base is performed. Jim Corbett National Park gives a perfect chance to experience this unique activity.

  • Indoor Activities

    You can have fun with indoor activities at our resort. Table tennis table is already in place and pool table will start by christmas 2016

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